Salty Said Sweetly was born out of a frustration that most of the lettering and calligraphy out there tends to sugarcoat real life experience.

I’ve always coped with life’s weirder and less charming experiences by laughing – and so have most of my friends and family- but you wouldn’t know that from glancing at the selection of sympathy and support cards at your local stationery store.

One day, I was looking for a card for a friend who was going through an extremely difficult pregnancy. I just couldn’t find anything that didn’t seem patronizing or downright dismissive. So I crafted my first product – a card that said “I’m sorry that pregnancy is a seemingly endless series of waking nightmares.” And Salty Said Sweetly was born.

By day (and by night, let’s be real), I’m a marketing executive living in Chicago. Whenever I can squeeze it in, I’m also an illustrator and lettering fanatic.